The Flumes : Live Sunday Lunch 16th November 2014

Flumes-1Electric Harp pouring out psychedelic melodies over a styling rhythm section laced with soulful vocals. The Flumes conjure up a lushly funky, dark and sparkling, intoxicating brew.

Harper Kayt Wallace immerses herself in 36 strings of Electric Harp, artfully bending the organic tones of this ancient instrument with wah and delay stylings as her smoky vocals sweep from whispers to roars. Combined with the tasty grooves of rhythm section players Stephan Beattie on Bass/Guitar & Elliot Gwynne on skins; the Flumes kick out a luscious live sound and awaken audiences to the deliciousness of music.

It’s difficult to pin this trio down to one genre. Let’s just say The Flumes create an exquisitely eclectic blend of psychedelic folk laced with funk, blues, jazz, trip hop and a splash of reggae. So if you’re expecting Irish ditties or anything faintly classical prepare to have your preconceptions blown in the best possible way.

Now at home on the Sunshine Coast, The Flumes sprang from the sultry depths of the North Queensland. Received warmly both on festival stages and intimate venues, The trio have performed at the following soirees; Woodford, Earth Frequency, Floating Land, Island Vibe, Mission Evolve, Kuranda Roots, Palm Creek and Caloundra Music festivals, and have had the pleasure to support The WooHoo Revue, Kingfisha, The Beards, and the Violent Femmes.

The Flumes are currently releasing their 2014 album “Sweet, Sweet Rain”.



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